Roasting Profile : Medium-Light
NW : 250g

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AMARONE (a-ma-ro-nay) is a famous and unique Italian wine.  The process of making this wine has been going on for a long time.  At the Valpolicella wineries in Verona, Veneto region, the vinification differs from conventional wines.  The grapes are dried in normal cold weather for a long period of time.  This can last up to 120 days until the moisture is as low as become raisins before the grape are squeezed for wine making process which is different from normal wine.

The whole bunch of grapes are picked early in harvesting season by selecting the bunch that able to allow air to pass through the grape fruits during the air drying period. In the past, air drying was naturally controlled in the normal environment.  But nowadays, most of the air drying process  has been developed in to the proper controlling drying rooms.

During the air dry process  The whole grapes with skin were maintained very well, resulting in sweetness and rich flavor until the grape juicing process and fermentation under control at very low temperatures and causing it to take a long time as well. Regarding this special process, Amarone Wine has a rich flavor, full body, and low acidity.  And high in alcohol  This allows the wine to be preserved for a long time before drinking. Amarone wine is one of the specialty of the wine, which is highly accepted in the wine world.

Doi Chaang AMARONE Impression coffee process is a coffee processing that Doi Chaang Coffee has invented and experimented since coffee harvesting season of year 2018/2019,  And it is a process of coffee processing by mimicking and applying it from the Amarone wine-making style by selecting only the most healthy coffee cherry,  Curing in the cool environment of Doi Chang mountain for 5-7 days to produce sweeter cherry, then dried in the DHTC room as a room to dehumidify and control the temperature (Dehumidification & Temperature Control Cellar) with slow drying time until reach the desired moisture content in the bean is approximately 45-50 days. Importantly during drying period to ensure that the coffee is clean and free from any mold or fungi of any kind.

The Amarone Impression process results in a clear and distinctive coffee quality.  There are more complex taste notes. It can be considered as an alternative and aesthetics of Doi Chaang coffee in the Grand Cru Quality Series.

Roasting Profile : Medium-Light
NW : 250g

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