A Craft & Selected Lots.

Another dimension of Specialty Coffee from Doi Chaang Coffee

Regarding the information of the processing and experience in producing high quality coffee of Doi Chaang Coffee estate.

Doi Chaang Coffee have actually tried, learned , have been trial and error, for almost 20 years, most of knowhows comes from the efforts of studying, experimenting, searching and exchanging different methods and experiences with growers, producers or  coffee processors from various origins around the world. Until finally, we discovered that probably the best processing method for Thai coffee producer is to utilize the knowledge that is existed and practical  internationally which can only be applied to a practice that is appropriate in accordance with the individual local environment including the weather conditions, coffee varietals, agriculture practice and farming culture  Or, if comparison with the wine trajectory, the terroir itself, and the unique and difference practice results in a different of quality. Doi Chaang Coffee considers few major important parts of the processing including

Sourcing & Collecting Coffee Cherry

1.Procedure of sourcing & collecting coffee cherry

We have put together meticulousness with expertise and special attention in every way.The result of a good care of the plantation and coffee plant yields only high quality, hand-picked coffee which will select only the fully riped and best quality cherry, Wash the cherry thoroughly and measure the sweetness properly. Then planned and selected the appropriate processing method for the particular cherry condition along with environment and weather during that time  Either Washed, Honey or Natural dry process.

Once the appropriate processing is selected, the coffee cherry can be handled according to the selected  process, for example, the cherry may be aged for a specific time to increase the desired sweetness in the case of honey or  Dry process or water immersion with appropriate PH value prior to cherry peeling for Wash process, and various handling and techniques are also available. Therefore, selecting and handling the cherries before the process is very important to obtaining Grand Cru Quality coffee.

Selected Processing Methods

2.Selected Processing Methods


The washed process, after the selection of the best cherry to enter the various processing processes. The skillful coffee processing team will manage to suit each process. For the washed process, it takes an average of 3-4 days processing, starting with the cherries soaked in water, It is approximately 12-24 hours before going into the cherry depulping process.  After the cherry depulped, the coffee parchment are open-air fermented for 12-24 hours, then continued by wet fermentation in water for 12-24 hours, then soaked in water until the mucilage is dissolved and peeling off, therefore washing parchment then continue to drying process


Honey Process or Pulped Natural (some countries will call Semi-Washed, which actually has a slightly difference) after the sorted and selected coffee cherry, follow by depulping while keeping mucilage then continue with the drying. The remaining amount of mucilage will depend on the choice of level, for example, black honey will have a lot of mucilage left, red honey will be left with medium quantity or yellow honey will have small amount of mucilage left


Natural or Dry process is done by bringing the selected coffee cherries to dry the whole fruit. However, in every processing process there may be some techniques to further enhance the coffee cherry’s flavor prior to the drying process, such as aging coffee cherry, using some yeast or other techniques.  Depending on the suitability of coffee cherry condition And must correspond to many environments and elements and every process is always involved with environmental factors, air temperature, relative humidity  And also need to consider the sweetness(brix) and specific density of the coffee cherry each year.  Along with the expertise and the use of tools to achieve the highest quality.

Drying Process

Dome (Green House) Drying

3.Drying Processes

The current Doi Chaang Coffee drying process and facility for Micro lots is divided into two forms:

3.1 The “Drying Dome”  is a close sun dry and air flow concept. There are 2 medium sized domes (greenhouse style structure) located in the area of ​​the organic coffee wet mill on Doi Chaang Coffee estate (capacity of approximate 4-5 tons per round only), most of the dome, whether it is called a green house system or parabola dome dryer, or may be called something else.  The most common problem is that the temperature inside the dome during the day is excessively high, possibly up to 50-60 ° C, but the Doi Chaang coffee dome is a closed dome and is controlled using a ventilation system in and out to merge with the heating system or heater and install sensors to control systems.  To help the airing work more efficiently  By this system, the temperature inside the dome is controlled, whether it is hot during the day or at night when the outside temperature may be very low.  But the temperature in the dome is constant all the time and can be set according to the needs.  Resulting in consistent coffee bean quality no moisture bounce, which is often a major problem with conventional coffee drying on the mountainous origins, and climate-controlled domes will ensure structure of coffee beans and chemical precursors will not be destroyed by the drying temperature that might be too high.

Drying Process

Dehumidification and Temperature Control Drying Room (DHTC)

3.2 DeHumidification and Temperature Control Drying Room or at Doi Chaang Coffee called “DHTC Drying Cellar” is a coffee drying room in side the building  This drying facility is coffee drying by means of humidity control and dehumidified or extract moisture from coffee beans. The Dehumidification system combined with temperature control and other environmental conditions needed at the same time, we will call this coffee drying as “DHTC drying process”

“DHTC drying process” is drying by removing moisture from coffee beans and controlling the temperature (DeHumidifier and Temperature Control Drying Process), which is not a new system at all because it has been used similar ways in various coffee production origins for quite some time or many years.  Especially in the countries with uneven relative humidity or in places where rain falls during the coffee processing season.  Moreover, many famous specialty coffee producers or processors also choose to use this method. If, however, it may be called a different name.

Doi Chaang’s DHTC cellar is used for drying coffee that is processed in a special and small number, as it can only dry approximately 4.5 to 5 tons per cycle. This DHTC Cellar is a closed room and has  Installing necessary equipment with a precision control system such as a dehumidification system  In order to control the relative humidity RH%, a fan system is installed to control air circulation to have the appropriate strength and air velocity or wind speed distributed throughout the room.  The necessary light intensity and UV system is installed.  As well as having to install a heating system to control the temperature in the room as desired to prevent moisture bounce as well. Any way, the optimal humidity and temperature depend on the techniques and knowledge that each individual coffee processor has applied.

The “DHTC drying system” is considered to be a kind of drying process that can preserve the quality and composition or chemical compounds or precursors in the coffee beans quite well.  In addition, this type of drying system will allow us not have to worry in the event of weather condition rapid changing, raining or facing high humidity that may cause the risk of possible damage to the coffee. This DHTC cellar is really useful as part of high quality coffee processing.

Doi Chaang Coffee "Craft & Selected Lots" Grand Cru Quality Series

Doi Chaang Coffee Estate always emphasize the highest standard of coffee productions, Especially the selected specialty micro lots called “Grand Cru Quality Series” which the quality is thoroughly and comply with international specialty coffee production standards.  Including the selection of farms, choose only best grade of coffee cherry, cherry curing and fermentation, using yeast and microorganisms selected by specialized researchers. This meticulousness results in consistent high-quality coffee and a high cupping quality, which, in comparison with the quality of a wine, can be considered as a quality class of “Grand Cru”

Coffee in the Grand Cru Series of Doi Chaang is named according to the processing type, similar to wine culture, to convey its refinement and compliant Grand Cru Series : HERITAGE, RESERVA, CLASSICO and few more special processes such as AMARONE Impression, AMBER WINE INSPIRATION and BARREL AGED COFFEE

HERITAGE (for Washed Process)

The HERITAGE product line is the name used for a specialty coffee that has been processed by WASHED PROCESS because the WASHED process is the success that can make Doi Chaang coffee as a recognized Thai coffee.  From being one of the first coffee processors of Thailand that intends to take the WASHED processing process seriously since 2003 by importing coffee cherry depulper and to learn the correct method from professional processors abroad and develop the process of coffee cherry treatment, fermentation, drying, in a suitable condition for various environments  Until able to produce quality coffee with consistent standards and can be reproduced every years and can be exported continuously.  The WASHED PROCESS  is considered an adapted innovation that has been applied to become a Heritage of pride of everyone in the village. Therefore, SPECIALTY COFFEE under the Grand Cru Quality Series, this washed process is appropriate in accordance with the use of the name that called “HERITAGE”

RESERVA (for Honey Process)

The RESERVA product line is the name used for specialty coffees in that is processed in HONEY PROCESS, as it is a process that requires the coffee cherry to mature or age until the proper sweetness is obtained before depulping. And still keep the amount of coffee mucilage as needed in order to ferment and drying to gradually reduce the moisture in a specific processing design which if compared to the process of wine, it is similar to RESERVA, that is, if this definition is used, the wine has been aged both in oak barrels and in bottles for a specified period of time before being released or ready to drink especially in Italy & Spain.

CLASSICO (for Natural Process)

The CLASSICO product line is the name for the specialty coffee that has been processed with NATURAL / DRIED PROCESS.  From the selection of the best and most healthy coffee cherry, undergoing a specific curing and fermentation process and drying to the appropriate moisture content. This process results in a unique and complex coffee aroma and flavor. The natural coffee process have been using global wide for century, if compared to the winemaking process, it is very close to using the word CLASSICO, which is a culture of using the name to convey the best and original wines of some particular regions. For example, CHIANTI CLASSICO is considered the best classic wine and original of CHIANTI etc.

There is another unique coffee processing in Craft & Selected Lots series “Grand Cru Quality Coffee”, such as  EMBRAZO, AMARONE IMPRESSION, AMBER INSPIRATION and WINE BARREL AGED COFFEE


EMBRAZO is one of the specialty coffee lot of Doi Chaang Coffee’s “Grand Cru Quality Series”. It uses the fermentation principle to enhance the clarity and striking of the aroma and flavor, especially the bright acidity from the use of various parts of the coffee tree such as leaves, coffee twigs and cherry peel and fruit  by using these pieces to ferment and ferment together with the carefully selected coffee cherry.

This special process is based on a fundamental idea, which, if the whole coffee tree and the leaves are like the parent of the fruit or coffee cherry when it comes to mashing and fermentation with coffee cherries in a meticulous process  would be like a loving embrace of mother and child  Therefore, Doi Chaang Coffee has taken the concept of calling the coffee that has been processed from this idea from the word “Embrace” in English and “Abrazo” in Spanish.

And from the coffee production that has been processed in this way resulting in coffee having a distinctive quality, aroma and taste that are distinct and unique. Which we will know as  “EMBRAZO” a unique craft & selected lot in Grand Cru Quality Series.


AMARONE (a-ma-ro-nay) is a famous and unique Italian wine.  The process of making this wine has been going on for a long time.  At the Valpolicella wineries in Verona, Veneto region, the vinification differs from conventional wines.  The grapes are dried in normal cold weather for a long period of time.  This can last up to 120 days until the moisture is as low as become raisins before the grape are squeezed for wine making process which is different from normal wine.

The whole bunch of grapes are picked early in harvesting season by selecting the bunch that able to allow air to pass through the grape fruits during the air drying period. In the past, air drying was naturally controlled in the normal environment.  But nowadays, most of the air drying process  has been developed in to the proper controlling drying rooms.

During the air dry process  The whole grapes with skin were maintained very well, resulting in sweetness and rich flavor until the grape juicing process and fermentation under control at very low temperatures and causing it to take a long time as well. Regarding this special process, Amarone Wine has a rich flavor, full body, and low acidity.  And high in alcohol  This allows the wine to be preserved for a long time before drinking. Amarone wine is one of the specialty of the wine, which is highly accepted in the wine world.

Doi Chaang AMARONE Impression coffee process is a coffee processing that Doi Chaang Coffee has invented and experimented since coffee harvesting season of year 2018/2019,  And it is a process of coffee processing by mimicking and applying it from the Amarone wine-making style by selecting only the most healthy coffee cherry,  Curing in the cool environment of Doi Chang mountain for 5-7 days to produce sweeter cherry, then dried in the DHTC room as a room to dehumidify and control the temperature (Dehumidification & Temperature Control Cellar) with slow drying time until reach the desired moisture content in the bean is approximately 45-50 days. Importantly during drying period to ensure that the coffee is clean and free from any mold or fungi of any kind.

The Amarone Impression process results in a clear and distinctive coffee quality.  There are more complex taste notes. It can be considered as an alternative and aesthetics of Doi Chaang coffee in the Grand Cru Quality Series.


AMBER wines (or Orange wines) or skin-fermented white wines are identified with the country of Georgia, in the Caucasus mountain and probably as old as wine itself. Georgia lays claim to being wine’s birthplace, with recent archaeological evidence dated back 8,000 years.

Amber wines are white wines fermented and aged on the grape skins rather than ordinary white wines which were made by  removing the juice from the skin immediately after pressing and before fermentation and its preserves bright fruit aroma and freshness. Fermenting on the skins extracts body and tannins make wine richer and more flavourful.

Doi Chaang Coffee has a coffee processing method that applied Skin Contact or Skin-Fermented technique in addition to the conventional Washed Coffee processing by extend fermentation using extra microbe starters and retaining cherry pulp and skins after depulping coffee parchment. The result from this processing technique create more intensity of flavour, aroma and tannins to balance the bright acidity and body of washed coffee.

This successful experiment of Cherry Skin Contact Fermentation of Doi Chaang Coffee in Grand Cru Quality Series called “AMBER Inspiration”


Barrel Aged Coffee is a special technique of post-process coffee aging, this technique (post-processing technique) is to create or enhance a unique flavour and taste of coffee by bringing best selected or premium quality coffee beans which specially processed by the washed process only, then aged in oak barrels that were previously used to incubate sweet wines , Syrah wine or Bourbon whiskey in a specially design Barrel Aged Coffee Cellar. This Barrel Aged Coffee Cellar is designed and built with the same concept of DHTC Cellar (Dehumification & Temperature Control Cellar) allows the aroma of the wine or whiskey in the oak barrels to be absorbed into the coffee.  Balancing flavor and aroma results in a coffee that smells slightly like brandy or wine, suitable body and mouthfill with touch of cinnamon, berry, chocolate and herbal tea.  It also has a mellow sweetness and refreshing acidity taste.