Doi Chaang Coffee Logo and Trademarks

Doi Chaang Coffee logo portrays an elder from one of the rst groups in Baan Doi Chang Village to cultivate coffee. The portrayal was selected as a show of respect and gratitude for initiating coffee farming and passing this treasure on to future generations.

The origin of the name “Doi Chaang Coffee”

The decision to name the brand “Doi Chaang Coffee,” after the region where the coffee is cultivated, is a show of respect to the land that has provided so much for so many. Baan Doi Chang village is located in Mae Suai district, Chiang Rai province. There are 8,000 acres of coffee growing land in the area.


Mr.Pikor Phisailert

Visionary and Co-Founder
Logo Man

Mr.Wicha Phromyong

President (2003 – 2014)

Co – Founder

Mr.Panachai Phisailert

Managing Director

Co – Founder

Mr.Phitsanuchai Kaewphichai

Advisory Chairman

Co Founder and Business Advisor