Doi Chaang Coffee, Single Origin World Class Specialty Coffee

By the grace of H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Rama 9

Doi Chaang village is situated in the northern highlands of Chiang Rai Province. The village, one of many in the area to receive support and kindness from H.M. King Bhumibhol Adulyadej Rama 9 to improve the livelihoods of people and to reduce illegal drug cultivation in the area. In 1969 (2512 B.E.), hill tribe farmers were motivated to grow winter plants instead of opium. Arabica coffee plants was one of the winter crop provided, and occasionally supported by various government organizations. In 1983 (2526 B.E.), through cooperation projects such as Thai-Germany and Thai-Netherlands, the Department of Social Welfare provided further assistance to the farmers in the North. In Doi Chaang area, there were about 40 families who received coffee plants from H.M. the King via Department of Social Welfare and continued to cultivate coffee in the following years. At thattime, Thai coffee was under developed and not accepted in the market. Coffee farmers had to rely on middle men who often took advantage of them by pressing the price, as most farmers were hill tribe people without Thai nationality.

Coffee and Unity

In 2002 (2545 B.E.), farmers in Doi Chaang village started working towards a more sustainable growth for their product, led by the family of Mr. Panachai Pisailert together with Mr. Wicha Phromyong, and thus established Doi Chaang Coffee Original Co., Ltd. in 2003 (2546 B.E.) with Mr. Pitsanuchai Kaewpichai as co-founder and business advisor. The company’s main objectives were to assist Doi Chang coffee growers in getting a fair price for their production, develop the Doi Chaang Coffee brand in the country and internationally, as well as continue to develop the quality of Doi Chaang Coffee.

When Doi Chaang Coffee Original Co., Ltd., was established, there was only about 40 acres of coffee plants in the village. With strong determination and cooperation between the farmers and Doi Chaang Coffee Original Co., Ltd, the hill tribes of Doi Chang, including Akha, Lisu, and Chinese, became more confident in growing coffee. Within 15 years the hills of Doi Chang now boast over 11,000 acres of coffee plantation. Early on the company faced various issues and obstacles due to a lack of knowledge and experience. The farmers had to be educated, at the same time continue to develop the quality and awareness among coffee consumers. Through promoting unity, farmers from various hill tribes and cultures came together happily and peacefully with a common pride in being “Doi Chang coffee producers”.

Growing coffee trees and reforesting

After opium was eradicated, famers in the North turned to growing various winter crops. As these crops require a high amount of water, vast forest was devastated through over irrigation. However, Arabica coffee plant rely on shade trees and biodiversity to yield high quality beans. Doi Chang farmers worked together in building and maintaining forest by growing various tiers of shade trees. It has now become common knowledge among coffee growers that, ‘planting coffee equals reforestation,’ In addition, meticulous care goes into every step of process, from earth to cup, to ensure the highest quality of Doi Chaang Coffee.

Thai coffee pinned on global coffee map

In order to create awareness in the coffee world, from the beginning Doi Chaang Coffee focused on international markets both in Europe and North America, simultaneously with the Asian Market. Soon after Doi Chaang Coffee joined hands with various distributors and representatives in many region around world. To be more effective in international marketing, in 2006 (2549 B.E.), Doi Chaang Coffee established a strategic partnership with Mr. John M. Darch, a canadian businessman who ventured a company in Canada as a representative in the international market. As the global market expanded rapidly, Doi Chaang Coffee Company (Canada) now focuses only in the North America and United Kingdom market. Currently Doi Chaang Coffee has sales and franchise management representatives in more than 10 countries in various regions around the world.

Doi Chaang Coffee – Social Enterprise

Doi Chaang Coffee is now seen as a pioneer in a true Social Enterprise. The company provides support to farmers in various ways through the Doi Chaang Coffee Foundation. Doi Chaang Coffee also educates coffee farmers and those interested in the world of coffee via Doi Chaang Academy of Coffee. We are committed to the development of coffee, community, and unity to achieve long lasting sustainable growth.

Good thoughts…good actions…Do your best every day.

In memory of the boundless and gracious generosity of His Majesty King Bhumibhol Adulyadej