Doi Chaang Coffee Original Co., Ltd.

Doi Chaang Coffee Original Co., Ltd. Producer and distributor of Doi Chaang Coffee, specialty, single origin, high quality Arabica coffee. Doi Chaang Coffee is only grown and produced in Baan Doi Chang, Wawee district, Mae Suai, Chiang Rai.

The production of Doi Chaang Coffee has been constantly improving for over 10 years, making it synonymous with high quality coffee both in Thailand and globally. With a strong and hard working cooperation with Doi Chaang farming group, every single step in the production process is undertaken with meticulous care from planting to roasting and distribution to the entire Doi Chaang Coffee network.


To build strength and unity in the community and among coffee growers of Doi Chaang, by maintaining a higher than market buying price for coffee cherries.

Assisting coffee growers in furthering their knowledge and development in sustainable and high quality cultivation.

To produce and distribute the highest quality coffee in various markets locally and abroad.

Returning benefits from company operations to improve livelihood of growers through the Doi Chaang Coffee Foundation.

Group of Companies

Doi Chaang Coffee Original Co.,Ltd.

Thai – Ital Tech & Services Co., Ltd.

Doi Chaang HoldingCorporation Co.,Ltd.

Doi Chaang Franchise Management Co., Ltd.

Strategic partnership

Doi Chaang Coffee Company Inc. (Canada)

Doi Chaang Original Korea Co., Ltd.

Elephant Mountain Coffee SdnBhd (Malaysia)

Doi Chaang Coffee Singapore

Joint Venture

DVS 2014 Co., Ltd.

  • Doi Chaang Coffee Original Co.,Ltd.

    Doi Chaang Coffee Original Co., Ltd. officially registered in 2003, focuses on business development for Doi Chaang Coffee from earth to cup. The company built a processing plant, cherry buying centre, roasting and manufacturing facility, coffee shop, and distribution of finished product.

  • Thai – Ital Tech & Services Co., Ltd.

    Oversee implementation of complete coffee technology from processing to brewing created, with a coffee technology expert from Italy, to oversee all aspects of equipment used in processing coffee, brewing coffee, and other related equipment necessary in order to operate. The company instils confidence, in Doi Chaang Coffee shop operators as well as independent buyers, with complete coffee technology solutions.

  • Doi Chaang HoldingCorporation Co.,Ltd.

    Operator and investor in franchise system, investor in joint ventures locally and internationally. After strong developments in Doi Chaang Coffee products in processing and distribution reach, Doi Chaang Holding Corporation Co., Ltd. was formed in 2005, to seek out opportunities for joint ventures locally and internationally.

  • Doi Chaang Franchise Management Co., Ltd.

    Management and support of franchise system, including distributor of Doi Chaang Coffee products

    Formed in 2011, to launch and manage franchise outlets including distributing product and necessary equipment, as well as adequately supporting franchise operators both locally and internationally.

  • Doi Chaang Coffee Company Inc. (Canada)
    (Former name -Doi Chaang Coffee (International) Corp.

    Strategic partnership in North America & UK

    In 2006, the company further its reach by joining with a Canadian businessman to create Doi Chaang Coffee Company Inc. (Canada).  The venture allows for greater efficiency in expanding the market globally, especially in North America and England.

  • Doi Chaang Original Korea Co., Ltd.

    Master Franchisee : As Master Franchisee for Korea, Doi Chaang Original Korea Co., Ltd., has pegged the Korean map with over 20 Doi Chaang Caffè outlets, with plans to expand an additional 40 outlets in 2017 – 2018. In one of the fastest growing coffee markets in the world, Doi Chaang Coffee has proven to be a favorite among Korean coffee lovers.

  • Elephant Mountain Coffee Sdn. Bhd.

    Master Franchisee : Since 2013, Doi Chaang Caffè outlets can be found all over Malaysia. In partnership with Elephant Mountain Coffee SdnBhd, Doi Chaang Caffè swiftly expanded from Penang to Johor Bahru.

  • Doi Chaang Coffee Singapore

    Master Franchisee : In one of the main hubs of Asia, Doi Chaang Caffè outlets in Singapore have become a must visit spot on the island nation. In partnership with Doi Chaang Coffee Singapore, Doi Chaang Caffè is quickly gaining notoriety as a top quality café.

  • DVS 2014 Co., Ltd.

    Joint Venture with subsidiary of Singha Corporation, to expand market outside the Doi Chaang Coffee network.

    In 2014 Doi Chaang Coffee demonstrated over 10 years of success in uniting the coffee grower’s community, setting a new benchmark which can be replicated with other communities in the region. DVS 2014 Co., Ltd. was formed with the Doi Chaang framework in focus, to encourage coffee growing in Chiang Rai and surrounding region. DVS 2014 Co., Ltd. will be fully equipped to buy cherries, process, and distribute coffee.