DOI CHAANG Caffè Franchise

DOI CHAANG Caffè , cafes decorated in a unique tribal style with modern, professional and international standard of service. It captures the true feeling of Doi Chaang traditions. It’s warm look gives customers an assurance that they will receive the best quality drinks and service under a relaxing atmosphere. With mixed elements of detailed decorative materials and interior design inspired by our target customers and location, our cafe still preserves the unique identity and feelings of Doi Chaang.

Why choose DOI CHAANG Caffè Franchise?

DOI CHAANG Caffè is ready to support franchisees for both operation and management levels. With our consultants specializing in cafe management, we are ready to assist our franchisees through our in depth operation manual, staff training from brewing to delivering services, providing quality raw materials and equip our franchisee with business-to- business networking to bring DOI CHAANG Caffè and our franchisees to be more widely known.

Characteristics of products

Apart from our premium coffees, DOI CHAANG Caffè also provide beverages including tea, cocoa, milk, fruit juices, smoothies and different flavors of Italian soda. The coffee beans used in DOI CHAANG Caffè are coffee beans of premium quality originating from Doi Chang.

Benefits for franchisee

Business privileges in using Doi Chaang brand name and trademark

POS system for effective management

Staff training through our standard curriculum to prepare staff for operations

Help and support in the beginning of operation

Marketing and promotion activities to build brand awareness

Operation manual to keep operations up to standard

Privileges in buying products and raw materials at a discount price

Quality, standard assessment, and consultation to keep service up to standard

Steps in joining DOI CHAANG Caffè family

Those who are interested in becoming our franchisee must present a location which will be divided into 2 types

Coffee Venue

interior area must be at least 30 sq m.

Stand Alone

the outer area must be at least 60 sq m.
(excluding garden and parking space)

Investment Costs in THAILAND

Entrance fee category
– Franchise fees 300,000
– Brand deposit costs 100,000
Design fee category
– Design fee 1,370 / SQM.
(Start 30-100 SQM.) 41,100 – 137,000
In-store equipment category
– Coffee Machine , Freezer, cake display , POS 800,000
– Selling equipment and initial stock costs 50,000
– Miscellaneous costs 30,000
Construction, decoration, system work category
– Coffee Venue 30-100 SQM. (Start) 400,000 – 1,500,000
– Stand Alone 60-130 SQM. (Start) 1,000,000 – 2,000,000
*** The cost of decoration will depend on design, space, decoration and materials used. (excluding garden)
Total Investment Cost
Coffee Venue 30-100 SQM. (Start) 1,700,000
Stand Alone 60-130 SQM. (Start) 2,300,000

Note: Specified costs are approximate initial costs and subject to change accordingly without prior notice.

Royalty Fee is calculated according to the size of café

  • 30 – 50 sq m. 5,000.- / month
  • 54 – 100 sq m. 8,000.- / month
  • More than 101 sq m. 12,000.- / month

Contract duration is 5 years

Once an individual has expressed interest in becoming a franchisee, the company will send a team to assess and analyze the suitability of the area by surveying Bangkok and greater Bangkok areas without any additional charges. For area not within Bangkok or greater Bangkok, there will be an additional survey charge of 5,000 Baht + transportation costs + accommodation costs. Upon contract agreement, the above costs are reimbursed as franchise fees. After the area has been assessed to pass, a meeting will be scheduled to discuss contract signing and business planning before operation starts.

Download Application Form

Cafe buliding process post contract

  • Final design
  • Construction
  • Training
  • Setting up
  • Opening the cafe
  • Cafe management
  • Marketing
  • Quality Assessment