Voghera – Xtra Fully Automatic (Model D3-S)

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The machine is suitable for use in the home or office with a brewing volume of 40 – 50 glasses per day.


  • 10 language operating menu
  • Professional Cappuccino Frother
  • Intelligent Brewing System: Choose from 3 taste including mild, normal, and strong.
  • Make two cups simultaneously
  • Built in grinder can be adjusted 6 levels to provide the perfect coarseness or fineness.
  • Adjustable water level for each cup you make from 30ml to 240ml.
  • Self Cleaning Function and Self Decalcification System

Voghera – Xtra Fully Automatic (Model D3-S)

The VOGHERA XTRA is a high performance super automatic espresso machine that allows you to enjoy first class espresso in the convenience of your home or office. Its simplicity allows even the coffee novice to prepare a real espresso, and even add steamed milk with the touch of a button.