• Adjustment of the touchpath settings.
  • Boiler Capacity: 1GR 6L / 2GR 10,5L
  • Heating element: 1GR 1.800W / 2GR 3.000W
  • Stainless steel steam pipes.
  • Anti-splash hot water outlet.
  • Automatic boiler fill.
  • Heating element protector device.
  • Work area L.E.D lighting.
  • Internal motor and pump.


  • Iberital IB7 1GR: 445mm (Length) x 508mm (Depth) x 460mm (Height)
  • Iberital IB7 2GR Compacta: 540mm (Length) x 508mm (Depth) x 460mm (Height)
  • Iberital IB7 2GR: 695mm (Length) x 508mm (Depth) x 460mm (Height)


  • Iberital IB7 1GR: 37 Kg
  • Iberital IB7 2GR COMPACT: 54 Kg
  • Iberital IB7 2GR: 61 Kg